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Science, Technology, Society — Science and Technology Studies


1. Science, Technology, Society

History and contemporary status of this interdisciplinary field
Range of disciplines involved
Theories, concepts, practices-methods
Issues and approaches
Professional societies, journals, sites

2. Science, Technology, Policy

Introduction to Policy Studies for science and technology in the public (Public Policy) and the private sector (Business Policy)
National and international science and technology policy institutions and initiatives
Taxonomy and comparisons of science and technology policies
Science and technology policy advisors, science and technology in the parliament 

3. Science, Technology, Economics

Technology in the history of economic thought
Science and technology: microeconomic aspects
Externalities, Public Goods, Knowledge and Technology
Science, Technology and Economic Policy
Economic growth and technological progress
Economics of Science and R&D 

4. Law, Science, Technology

Legislation about science and technology
Science, technology and regulatory authorities
Patents and patent offices
Open source approaches to science and technology
Science and technology in legal debates and court decisions
Licensing processing and issues in scientific and technological projects

5. Science, Technology, Business Ethics

Ethics and values in science, technology and medicine
Responsible science and technology
Science, technology and work values
Ethical issues in research
Ethical issues in the business environment

6. Science, Technology, Society: Special Topics

Science, Technology and the Digital Humanities
Science, Technology and Culture
Literature, Science, Technology
Public Image of Science and Technology, Science and Technology Museums, Science and Technology Communication, Science and Technology Journalism
Science and Technology Education
Gender, Science and Technology
Science, Technology and Disability
Science, Technology and Borders/Migration

7. Science, Technology, Policy: Special Topics

ICT Policy, Environmental Policy, Medical/Biomedical Policy
Science, Technology and Social Policy
Research and Development Policy
Innovation Policy/Studies
Industrial Policy
Technology Assessment-Forecasting-Foresight
Science and Technology Measurements/Indicators
Open Science
Risk, Science, Technology and Medicine

8. Science, Technology, Society: Computing and Telecommunications

Historical, sociological, anthropological and philosophical approaches to computing and telecommunications
Computing and telecommunications policy
Economic, legal, and business dimensions of computing and telecommunications policy
Computing, Telecommunications and culture
Computing and disability, computer accessibility
Intellectual property, censorship and freedom of expression
Privacy and security, cybercrime, surveillance
Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things and society
Gender issues in computing and telecommunications

9. Science, Technology, Society: Biosciences, Biotechnology, Medicine

Science, Technology, Society and Policy issues in connection to issues involved in the genetic modification of organisms, gene editing, cloning, stem cell for organ production, gene editing, genome screening, biomedical data banking
Biopolitics, the biomedicalization of society
Epidemics and pandemics
Science and Technology in the Health Care System
Humanities and social studies approaches to representative laboratory and clinical medical technologies
Science, Technology, Society and Policy approaches to drugs and pharmaceuticals

10. Science, Technology, Society: Environment and Sustainability

Science, technology and climate change
Science, technology, conventional and renewable energy
Science, technology, water, waste, air quality
Science, technology and transportation
North-South comparisons of approaches to sustainability 
Sustainability transitions