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Science, Technology, Society — Science and Technology Studies



Alevizos, Ioannis, Technological proficiency in a dataful world: An STS empirical review of Greece-focused labor analytics, Advisor: Stavros Drakopoulos, 2023 (in English)

Anastasopoulou, Andriana, AI in Chess Engines, Advisor: Stathes Hadjiefthymiades, 2023 (in English)

Avramopoulos, Ioannis, On the logic of technological scaling: The case of wind energy technology, Advisory Committee: Costas Dimitrakopoulos (advisor), Giorgos Velegrakis, Aristotle Tympas, 2020 (in English)

Balios, Dimitrios, Utilizing small and very small renewable energy technology in urban environments: An STS study, Advisory Committee: Aristotle Tympas (advisor), Iraklis Katsaloulis, Giorgos Velegrakis, 2019 (in Greek)

Chernila, Abigail, Housing Technologies and the 1922 Migration to Greece: On the Interaction between Historical and Contemporary Encounters, Advisor: Giorgos Gotsis, 2023 (in English)

Chondros, Alexandros, Accounts of Material Agency in Science and Technology Studies, Advisory Committee: Theodore Arabatzis (advisor), Giorgos Velegrakis, Aristotle Tympas, 2020 (in English)

Daskalopoulou, Athanasia, Global policy addressing the Covid 19 pandemic: A brief evaluation three years after, Advisory Committee: Giorgos Gotsis (advisor), Katerina Vlantoni, Stavros Ioannidis, 2023 (in English)

Georgas, Antonios, Screening and testing during the COVID-19 pandemic: An STS perspective, Advisory Committee: Theodore Arabatzis (advisor), Eirini Skaliora, Katerina Vlantoni, 2022 (in English)

Giagkousi, Κyriaki, Gender and computing algorithms: The case of “Stable Matching”, Advisory Committee: Maria Roussou (advisor), Aristotle Tympas, Danae Karydaki, 2021 (in English)

Giannakis, Dimitrios, Discourses on Blockchain in the Greek Media An STS approach, Advisory Committee: Stathes Hadjiefthymiades (advisor), Aristotle Tympas, Stavros Drakopoulos, 2022 (in English)

Kalogeropoulou, Christina, On the philosophical and ethical issues of artificial intelligence: The case of Artificial Intelligence Act 2021, Advisory Committee: Giorgos Gotsis (advisor), Stelios Virvidakis, Manolis Simos, 2022 (in English)

Kaori, Asai, Origins of Confucian capitalism in Japan: Ideology, ethics and policy in the thought of Shibusawa Eiichi, Advisory Committee: Georgios Gotsis (advisor), Aristotle Tympas, Stavros Drakopoulos, 2023 (in English)

Kapsali, Georgia, The integration of AI and Big Data Ethics in Bioethics: Α Critical Review of HPS (History and Philosophy of Science) and STS (Science, Technology, Society) Approaches, Advisory Committee: Stathis Psillos (advisor), Katerina Vlantoni, Aristotle Tympas, 2020 (in English)

Karantzavelou, Vasiliki, Lay Perception of Food and Toxicity: A Social Representations Approach, Advisory Committee: Stathis Arapostathis (advisor), Aristotle Tympas, Konstantinos Vattes, 2022 (in English)

Karastergiou, Anestis, The Black Box of AI, Advisory Committee: Stathis Psillos (advisor), Aristotle Tympas, Manolis Simos, 2022 (in English)

Kizito, Sebastian-Alexandros, The technopolitics between the Global North and the Global South: Behind the smartphone’s Lithium-ion battery, Advisory Committee: Stathis Arapostathis (advisor), Aristotle Tympas, Giorgos Velegrakis, 2022 (in English)

Korsgaard, Anders, Data Sharing under the Imaginary of a European Health Data Space: A comparative study of the performative role of imaginaries on health datasharing within the Greek and Norwegian B.B.M.R.I.-ERIC research-network, Advisory Committee: Stavros Ioannidis (advisor), Katerina Vlantoni, Aristotle Tympas, 2023 (in English)

Kolyva, Sosanna, Precision medicine as an “elite sociotechnical imaginary”: sociotechnical imaginaries at the intersection of Biobanks, Precision Medicine and Big Data, Advisory Committee: Aristotle Tympas (advisor), Katerina Vlantoni, Stavros Ioannidis, 2020 (in English)

Konstantis, Konstantinos, Big Tech and AI Ethics: Inputs from STS, Advisory Committee: Giorgos Gotsis (advisor), Aristotle Tympas, Stavros Drakopoulos, 2022 (in English)

Koutsogiannis, Vasileios, Enacting synthetic life: Between the biological and the electronic in the Design-Build-Test-Learn bioengineering workflow, Advisory Committee: Theodore Arabatzis (advisor), Katerina Vlantoni, Stathis Psillos, 2022 (in English)

Loukea, Stamatina, Autonomous Cars a Public Technology: Αspects and Approaches for the Social Acceptance and the Coproduction, Advisory Committee: Stathis Arapostathis (advisor), Theodore Arabatzis, Aristotle Tympas, 2019 (in English)

Lyu, Meilin, Alternative Agro-food Network and Greenhouse infrastructures: towards a community-based system for urban greenhouse growers, with primary case studies from the Netherlands, Advisory Committee: Stathis Arapostathis (advisor), Giorgos Gotsis, Yannis Fotopoulos, 2023 (in English)

Menis-Mastromichalakis, Orfeas, Explainable Artificial Intelligence: An STS Perspective, Advisor: Stathis Psillos, 2023 (in English)

Moshe, Benjamin, Black-Boxed Disc Jocks: An STS Approach to DJ Performance, Advisory Committee: Aristotle Tympas (advisor), Maria Roussou, Manolis Simos, 2023 (in English)

Psarreas, Petros, The MegaProject of oil & gas extraction in Greece: Energy strategies in the era of combined climate and economic crises, Advisory Committee: Aristotle Tympas (advisor), Stavros Drakopoulos, Giorgos Velegrakis, 2022 (in English)

Siatou, Anastasia, Contemporary Theories of Leadership and Management of Enterprises and Organizations, Advisory Committee: Giorgos Gotsis (advisor), Stavros Drakopoulos, Aristotle Tympas, 2020 (in Greek)

Stoli, Anastasia, Picturing Big Data in media: an STS-based approach, Advisory Committee: Aristotle Tympas (advisor), Dimitris Varoutas, Elpida Tzafestas, 2019 (in English) (also an ESST thesis)

Strange, Tracey, If you build it, will they come? Aspirational infrastructure and the case of the EU sustainable finance taxonomy, Advisory Committee: Aristotle Tympas (advisor), Stavros Drakopoulos, Stathis Arapostathis, 2023 (in English)

Taskin, Burcu, Smarting Izmir: Co-production of Smart Technologies, Transportation and Urban Techno-politics in Turkey, Advisory Committee: Stathis Arapostathis, (advisor), Stathes Hadjiefthymiades, Yannis Fotopoulos, 2023 (in English)

Xidakis, Apostolos, Scientific and Legal Objectivity in Legal and Regulatory Contexts: A Critical Approach to the Work of Sheila Jasanoff, Advisory Committee: Stathis Psillos (advisor), Aristotle Tympas, Stathis Arapostathis, 2022 (in English)

Xirofotou, Anastasia, Staging Gene Editing Technology: Αn STS approach to the dominance of CRISPR, Advisory Committee: Aristotle Tympas (advisor), Katerina Vlantoni, Stavros Ioannidis, 2020 (in English)


Ahuja, Sasha Lalit, Instagram Influencers, Gendered Labour, Algorithmic Opacity: An STS reading of relevant literature from Media Studies, Advisors: Aristotle Tympas / Georgios Zoukas, 2022

Delsing, Daphne, The co-construction of migrants, technology and borders, Advisor: Aristotle Tympas, 2019

Izquierdo, Rodrigo-Ortega, Computer Scientists and Engineers on Facial Recognition and LGBT identities: a SCOT perspective, Advisor: Aristotle Tympas, 2022 

Kotsou, Georgiana, Discourses on the Emergence of (Big) Data Technologies in the Greek Medical Press: A Science, Technology, Society (STS) Approach, Advisors: Aristotle Tympas / Katerina Vlantoni, 2019

Lauk, Geza, Co-Creating Regulation for Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: A Case Study of IBM Watson, Advisor: Stathis Arapostathis, 2020

Ott, Paula, Spinning the Wheel: The relationship of law and technology in the European online gambling industry, Advisor: Stathis Arapostathis, 2019

Papadimitriou, Alexia, Unveiling the Covidfree Application in Greece: Analysis of the Design, Implementation, and Redefining Control Beyond Surveillance, Advisor: Stathis Arapostathis, 2023

Rutten, Inger, British newspaper discourses on big data for personalized medicine: An STS approach, Advisor: Aristotle Tympas, 2019

Sabato, Daniel, Bringing Foucault and STS in Conversation: The Case of Predictive Policing, Advisors: Aristotle Tympas / Manolis Simos, 2022

Verra, Thomas, Issues Alongside the Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Big Data into CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing: an STS Approach, Advisors: Aristotle Tympas / Katerina Vlantoni, 2020

Watson, Henry, The Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal: An Incidental Data Breach or an Endemic Issue of Facebook’s Platform Design?, Advisor: Aristotle Tympas, 2021 

Windegger, Andrea, Are Sex Robots Prepared to Say No? An STS Evaluation of the Humanities and Social Sciences Literature on Consent in Sex Robots, Advisors: Aristotle Tympas / Diana Manesi, 2022